Kumquat Lemon Fruit Tea

Sweet flesh like fresh fruit
Tired and sleepy, have a cup of kumquat passion fruit tea

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  • FD freeze-drying technology

    Instantly freeze-dried at -40°C to keep freshness
    no loss of nutrition

  • Real stuff

    Prefer good fruit and insist on not adding
    Make sure every sip is fresh fruit tea

  • Time for a drink

    Have a drink during work and leisure time
    Treat you who love life with quality preferential treatment

As delicious as a dessert shop

Sweet and sour fruity tea

  • Love my new tea

    "Love my new tea! Quality is fantastic, shipped promptly, and came in a compostable envelope. Tastes great with or without a nice spoonful of honey!" - Jenna

  • Wonderful Product

    "Wonderful product. Her store is full of amazing things. I highly recommend them all!" - MJ

  • I just love it!

    "I love this stuff! My face feels so clean and cool after cleaning with the Tea Tree oil-cleansing facial wash! I just love it!" - Clarissa